Autonomy, mobility and intellectuality executing accounting, tax, financial, payroll and benefits processes.


We have created a model of attention with autonomy, mobility, technological intelligence and intellectuality, which offers efficiency and security to implement accounting, tax, financial, payroll and benefits processes.

All back office activities are combined in a shared management environment, accessible anytime, anywhere, through an Internet Cloud system – and all management and maintenance responsibilities rely on BPO Innova.

This way, your company can focus on business strategies and objectives, without taking risks, having assertiveness assurance and meeting deadlines.

Payroll & Human Resourses Solutions

BPO Innova provides high-level solutions for human capital management. We use specialized strategic and operational systems and practices with our clients and in our Outsourcing operations, with emphasis on Apdata’s Global Antares system – an ERP focused exclusively on Human Resources.
Our solutions include:

  • Payroll processing;
  • Benefits management;
  • Reports and payment forms processing;
  • File generation for accounting area, financial institutions and government agencies;
  • Process automation tools, Mobile Apps, Management Reports, Workflow and WebPortal for HR are some of the key features of our solution, whose main goal is to collaborate to increase information security, integration, speed and mobility in execution of operational processes.


Accounting Solution

  • Perform accounting integration of entries from other ERP modules and legacy systems;
  • Carry out accounting classification and bookkeeping in accordance with accounting practices adopted in Brazil;
  • Formulation of monthly accounting analyzes and reconciliations of balance sheet accounts;
  • Formulation of monthly analytical balance sheets, by cost center, expressed in Brazilian Reais;
  • Formulation of financial statements at the end of fiscal year and in accordance with accounting practices adopted in Brazil, with explanatory notes;
  • Formulation of specific reports to assist regulatory authorities, financial institutions, auditors and company senior management;
  • Control of funds raised in foreign currency with the effect of exchange variation;
  • Generate SPEDs forms at all levels.


Financial Solution


Accounts Payable

  • Control and position of inclusions and payments, write-offs and transfer of securities and accounts payable;
  • Accounts payable either by issuing checks, letters, bank transfer or sending CNAB authorized by a representative designated by the customer’s representatives;
  • Check of amounts included in pay stubs versus invoices of origin;
  • Operational control of portfolio of securities payable with terms and conditions;
  • Payment processes analysis and execution;
  • Inclusion of relevant information to payment process with banks, through online systems, letter or check;
  • Processing of securities payment write-offs into the system;
  • Contact with bank and suppliers;
  • Identification and write-off of title collection;
  • Formulation of payables and cash flow management reports;
  • Invoice control in BPO Innova’s ERP system.

Accounts Receivable

  • Control and register of receivables;
  • Daily update of bank collection records;
  • Weekly chronological formulation of accounts receivable;
  • Issuance of standard operating reports through the system;
  • Reprint of bank tickets;
  • Invoice generation will be performed in BPO Innova’s ERP system;
  • Credit notes will be generated in BPO Innova’s ERP system and sent to the customer.


Fiscal Solution

Direct Taxes

  • Monthly calculation of IRPJ and CSLL;
  • Fiscal Loss Control and CS Negative Basis;
  • Development of LALUR;
  • Formulation of PER/DCOMP;
  • Issue of IRPJ/CSLL DARFs;
  • FUST and FUNTELL monthly calculation.

Indirect Taxes

  • Issuance of required Invoices and informed by the CONTRACTING PARTY per channel to be established;
  • Calculation and control of royalties;
  • Analysis of invoices received and issued and issuance of irregularities reports;
  • Reconciliation of invoices with fiscal books;
  • Taxes and contributions on revenues (IPI, ICMS, ISS, PIS, COFINS) and withheld (IRRF, CSLL, PIS, COFINS, ISS, INSS, CIDE);
  • Issuance of tax and contribution collection guides (invoicing and retention taxes);
  • Formulation of tax and contribution calculations;
  • Issuance of legal fiscal books (RE, RS, RAICMS, RAIPI and municipal books), formulation and transmission of ancillary obligations (ICMS Guide, DACON, DCTF, DIRF, DNF, DAME, DES);
  • SINTEGRA magnetic file generation;
  • Magnetic File Generation of Federal IN 86/01;
  • Arquivo magnético do programa de combustíveis (GFR);
  • Compensation of federal taxes (PERD COMP);
  • ICMS credit control over property, plant and equipment (CIAP);
  • Preparation of the invoice request (AIDF) and authorization to use data processing;
  • Formulation of SPED Fiscal.

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