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Business Consulting

Development and improvement of strategic models, management tools, projects for efficiency gain, and studies of products and markets.


  • Strategic Planning;
  • Business Plan;
  • M & A;
  • Business Feasibility;
  • Customers and Channels Analysis;
  • Revenue Optimization.


  • Finance Operations Model;
  • Business and Products performance management and reporting;
  • Cost management and Profitability analysis;
  • Closing of financial statements (DRE).


  • Design and implementation of operational models (eg procurement management, contracts and suppliers);
  • Post-merger integration (considering aspects of human resources, IT, operations and finance);
  • Change management and PMO.

Processes, Internal Controls and Compliance

Entities that hold market leadership positions have created a competitive advantage through practical improvements in how to manage risks and related internal controls. In these entities, the areas of Processes, Internal Controls and Compliance increasingly act as Business Advisors, assisting in multiple areas, from performance improvement to corporate governance.

Although roles of Compliance, Processes and Internal Controls are inherent to good administrative practices, the foundation in regulated markets (like banks, insurance companies, health care providers and complementary pension) is relatively new and for other industries it is a process under development.

This way, BPO Innova works to guide and create awareness to managers about other areas in relation to the nature of Compliance work and internal controls, through assessment of corporate governance components, focusing on business risks and structures of processes.

  • Diagnostics and implementation of internal controls;
  • Support for Committees and Councils (eg administrative, tax and / or family);
  • Mapping and rationalization of internal controls;
  • Risk mitigation and process improvement;
  • Process and internal controls changes to meet regulatory requirements;
  • Development of internal structures, policies and procedures;
  • Contract Review;
  • Suppliers Analysis;
  • Processes review and optimization;
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOx) – Implementation, testing and quality control;
  • Asset Management;
  • Development and implementation of risk indicators (KPIs).

Internal Audit

We assist companies in developing more reliable management models that support administrative decisions to achieve their goals, to confirm quality of internal processes and to improve performance.

  • Diagnosis of Internal Audit role;
  • Implementation and development of methodology;
  • Total or partial outsourcing;
  • Quality assurance review;
  • Loan staff;
  • Operational and management audit;
  • Contracts risk audit;
  • Vendors audit;
  • Performance audit.

Loan Staff

The Loan Staff service offered by BPO Innova aims to provide professionals in the fiscal, accounting, payroll and financial area, according to the technical profile desired by the Client to integrate its internal team.

Ideal for companies going through times of peak work or short or medium-duration projects that directly impact the company’s routine for a predetermined period, as well as employee replacement or license leave. With the BPO Innova Loan Staff, the Client optimizes time and cost in the search and hiring of temporary labor and training expenses.

We have trained analysts and specialists to meet all the needs of your company’s routines for the time you need.

Performance Improvement

Development and improvement of strategic models, management tools, efficiency gain projects in organizations and studies of products and markets.

  • Structuring and implementing a corporate governance model;
  • Strategic planning and business plan;
  • Product Feasibility Plan;
  • Organizational restructuring;
  • Business reorganization and modernization;
  • Asset Revaluation;
  • Assistance to implement businesses in Brazil;
  • Strategic business plan review;
  • Market analysis and competitiveness;
  • Development and implementation of key performance indicators (KPIs);
  • Revenue optimization.

Risk Management

A good risk management process allows a company to accelerate achievement of its goals. Many organizations fail to get maximum return on their risk management investments because their processes are disjoined, and critical information is not shared. And how can BPO Innova help your company get where it wants? Whether assisting with internal audit issues, internal controls or general aspects of risk, we start by helping organizations address some key issues:

Which are then main risks of the company and how are they being managed?

Are there overlapping risk functions or uncovered risks?

Are they optimized for the use of technology?

The experience of our professionals in these subjects has been applied in important projects of large organizations, considering:

  • Strategic & corporate risk management;
  • Business and operational risk management;
  • Financial risk management (eg credit, market, liquidity, assets and liabilities);
  • Actuarial risk management.

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