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Technology supports all BPO Innova solutions. We provide tools and systems that we use in Outsourcing projects and that we also offer to our customers and partners in a self-sufficient way.Self-sufficiency means that we have control and management over the entire process: license acquisition, IT infrastructure, deployment, maintenance, support, mobility and training. This gives us agility and competitiveness in providing a complete and customized solution to each project and client.

We work with ERP Global Antares of Apdata do Brasil for solutions of People Management and Human Capital. The ERP Global Antares decentralizes operational activities in People Management, allowing access through the internal network or the Internet, including via mobile phones anywhere, facilitating the day-to-day operations of Payroll, Benefits and Electronic Point and HR Management .

Developed and owned by Apdata do Brasil, it is a system focused on the effective management of People Management. It allows simplicity and productivity in the strategic management of employees using a set of integrated and widely parameterizable modules. The product is multi-language, multi-legislation, multi-company and multi-currency, with highly flexible business rules.

There are 18 modules integrated with exclusive tools such as the WEB Portal, ApDesigner where you can create your own reports and queries, ApIntegration for integrations with other company systems, and ProcessFlow that controls the flow of approvals of the requisitions. This set of systems and their tools allow seamless integration between all areas of your HR, streamlining activities and sharing data common to all systems.

In the other BackOffice projects, we have TOTVS ERP Protheus, an integrated business management system, developed on three grounds: Flexibility, Simplicity and Legacy Respect, integrating information from all areas of the company.


Center for Shared Services and Technological Intelligence

BPO INNOVA developed an Operations Center, Shared Services and Technological Intelligence, to have autonomy and management, both in the Global Antares solution and in the TOTVS Protheus ERP. In this way, we independently perform the Implantation process, Development of new parametrizations, Training and Support, without the need for the participation of the providers of these Solutions, rendering the service delivery with increasingly higher standards.

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