BPO INNOVA has the ideal solution for the Management of your Human Capital, we use in our operations state-of-the-art tools, procedures and high-performance processes to meet the most diverse needs of our clients.
Your company may choose to only hire our technological solutions in the SaaS (cloud system) or Usage License modalities.
And in the case of Outsourcing or Outsourcing services in HR we have the SLA suitable for your company.
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People Management
  • Software
  • Payroll Outsourcing
  • HR Saas
  • Consulting
  • Strategic HR Management

Comprehensive Integrated and Automated Solution for Payroll & Human Resourses Solutions

Developed and owned by Apdata do Brasil, GA – Global Antares system main features are flexibility, high technology and high performance. It has a Web interface, provides simplicity, productivity, mobility and automation in strategic management of Human Capital, covering the needs of HR technology in a single product.

The solution has a structured concept to serve customers globally, supports a large amount of data and allows configuration of access for users according to company policies for operation in different locations (in each country, company or branch).

There are 18 integrated modules and exclusive tools for corporate performance.

Some Differentials of Global Antares Solution
  • Customized Web Portal that enables interactivity of employees, Managers and HR.
  • Reports available on the Web such as Declarations, Policies, Paystub, Income Reporting and others that provide access to real-time information.
  • Mobile App for querying information, requisition approvals, and other routines that give mobility and agility to processes.
  • Automatic warnings triggered by the system without manual intervention.
  • Automatic control of compliance with legal deadlines.
  • All processes managed by Workflow with deadline.
  • It has its own integration tools with other systems.
  • Meets all e-Social requirements.

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Careful analysis of customer needs and expectations.

Do not spend more time and effort to payroll processing. Leave your business with BPO INNOVA and save time for your Personal Department to focus on strategic issues of your business. We have the complete Payroll Outsourcing Service.

In order to guarantee quality in the execution of routines, all information exchange between the customer and our Service Center is made through the HR Portal, a computerized channel that enables validation of data input, ensuring assertiveness, information security, control of deadlines and commitments of the area.

The process is quite transparent to the customer, our responsibilities matrix details each payroll routine at the activity level. The SLA and monthly schedule are designed according to the needs of the business, ensuring an efficient and safe process.

Macro vision of the processes of payroll outsourcing to be outsourced:

  • Admissions
  • Terminations
  • Holidays
  • Transferences
  • Clearances
  • Alimony
  • Benefits
  • Biweekly Down Payment
  • Difference in collective bargaining agreement – IN20
  • PLR
  • Preparation and processing of the Payroll
  • Autonomous – SEFIP and GPS Tracking Process
  • Social Charges and Collection Charges
  • Provisions
  • Accounting
  • Generation and processing of payroll for 13th salary
  • Annual Obligations
    • RAIS
    • DIRF
    • Earnings Report

BPO INNOVA is substantially concerned with moral issues involved in providing service, working ethically and responsibly, always aiming for a solid and lasting partnership with its clients.

In addition to moral aspects, we also consider legal aspects fundamental, respecting all labor, tax and tributary issues so that our client does not have problems in the future.

Advantages of BPO Payroll model:

  • Control and reduction operating costs
  • No investment with infrastructure
  • Release of internal resources to focus on strategic issues
  • Continuous improvement in process execution by increasing area efficiency
  • No need to attract, maintain and train team
  • Always updated technology
  • Freedom of Internet access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • HR Portal for the Administrator, Managers and Collaborators

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Your personnel management will focus on optimizing productivity!

The SaaS model is ideal for companies that want to take advantage of a solution with advanced technological resources using state-of-the-art software without having to invest in infrastructure.

The system will be installed, configured and constantly updated by BPO INNOVA in a technically appropriate environment, aiming to guarantee permanent availability, high performance and information security.

In this option, your team conducts operational and management activities pertinent to payroll processes, benefits and electronic point of your personal department anytime, anywhere, with full autonomy to execute its routines and manage its processes, deadlines and department commitments.

  • Eliminate investments with information technology
    • Database Servers and Managers
    • Software Licenses and Security Systems
    • Networks


  • Quick installation and deployment, agile system for integration into work processes
  • Low initial investment, making project financial viability easier
  • Highly flexible system to adapt to client processes, avoiding to modify the internal routines to “fit” in the system
  • Business-only focus: IT staff freed to devote to business end/li>
  • Freedom of processing and Internet access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • HR Portal for Administrators, Managers and Collaborators

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We offer clients specialized consulting services.

Be sure of professionalism in management and execution of your projects and timely services.

We built a team of consultants highly specialized in system implementation and, more importantly, in HR business rules.

These professionals receive and participate in training periodically, making them up-to-date with the latest news and best practices in the market.

For us knowledge is a fundamental differential, since in addition to enhance the professional we perceive a significant reduction in investments with implementation, besides the high level of quality and satisfaction at the end of the project.

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People Provision

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Organizationl Climate Management
  • Endomarketing

People Application

  • Job Description and Analysis
  • People Planning and Allocation
  • Career Plan
  • Performance Evaluation

People Maintenance

  • Salaries and Wages Plan
  • Strategic Payment Plan
  • Benefits

People Development

  • Corporate Education Programs
  • People Development
  • Organizational Development

People Monitoring

  • Database
  • Information System
  • Audit

Processes Analysis

  • Process Mapping
  • Process Design
  • Process Modeling

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